Book ‘The Betrayal of Anne Frank’ by Rosemary Sullivan

PDF Excerpt 'The Betrayal of Anne Frank A Cold Case Investigation' by Rosemary Sullivan
A Cold Case Investigation
Using new technology, recently discovered documents and sophisticated investigative techniques, an international team—led by an obsessed retired FBI agent—has finally solved the mystery that has haunted generations since World War II: Who betrayed Anne Frank and her family? And why? Over thirty million people have read The Diary of a Young Girl, the journal teenaged Anne Frank kept during World War II. Anne, along with her family and four other people, lived in an attic in Amsterdam until the Nazis arrested them and sent them to a concentration camp. But despite the many works—journal articles, books, plays and novels—devoted to Anne’s story, none has ever conclusively explained...
Language: English  Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers (Jan. 18 2022)  Pages: 400 pages  ISBN-13: 978-1443463041  Dimensions:‎ 2.82 x 0.03 x 2.82 cm

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