Book ‘The Complete Guide to Memory’ by Richard Restak

PDF Excerpt 'The Complete Guide to Memory' by Richard Restak
The Science of Strengthening Your Mind
A comprehensive guide to understanding how memory works, how memory forms, the mind-body connection, and more! In the busy, information-filled world in which we live, it’s often easy to forget things and hard to keep track of how details get stored in our brain. The Complete Guide to Memory serves to provide a one-stop resource that covers the essentials on memory.  World-renowned memory expert, Dr. Richard Restak, addresses the following topics in detail: How memories form The different kinds of memory Changes in brain structure The mind-body connection The relationship between memory and emotional regulation And much more! With tips and tricks to manage memory well for people of all ages and personal examples of the techniques used, this book leaves no stone unturned.
Publisher: Skyhorse (July 5, 2022)  Pages: 216 pages  ISBN-10: 1510770275  ISBN-13: 978-1510770270  ASIN:‎ B09JPFXHD8

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Author’s biography: Dr. Richard Restak has written over twenty books on the human brain, two of which were main selections of the Book Of The Month Club. He has penned dozens of articles for national newspapers including the Washington PostNew York TimesLos Angeles Times, and USA Today; he has contributed brain and neuroscience-related entries for the World Book Encyclopedia, the Campton’s Encyclopedia, the Encyclopedia Britannica, and the Encyclopedia of Neuroscience. As a regular lecturer, both nationally and internationality, he has presented commentaries for both Morning Edition and All Things Considered on National Public Radio and made numerous appearances on leading television talk shows including: the Today ShowGood Morning America, the Discovery Channel, and the McNeil-Lehrer Report.