Book ‘The Confident Mind’ by Nathaniel Zinsser

PDF Excerpt 'The Confident Mind' by Nathaniel Zinsser
A Battle-Tested Guide to Unshakable Performance
You don't have to be born confident. You can learn to be confident. Here's how. Dr Nate Zinsser works with the cream of the US military to prepare them mentally for leadership and for action. He also trains top sportsmen and women to develop the self-belief essential for world-class performance. Now he shares the tried and tested techniques he has perfected over many years to help anyone who wants to acquire the confidence that will enable them to perform at their very best, whatever the environment, however stressful the situation. In the process he shows how to make positive use of nervousness, what acquiring a 'success cycle' involves, and why self-assurance...
Publisher: Cornerstone Press (27 Jan. 2022)  Pages: 352 pages  ISBN-10: 184794293  ISBN-13: 978-1847942937

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