Book ‘The Fear’ by Natasha Preston

PDF Excerpt 'The Fear' by Natasha Preston
Don't be afraid. Be terrified. It’s just a stupid meme that’s going around their small fishing town in the dead of winter—people reposting and sharing their biggest fear. But when her classmates start turning up dead—dying in the way that they said scared them the most—Izzy knows it’s no joke. With each death hitting closer to home, Izzy sets out to try to stop the killer. Could her older sister’s friend Tristan have something to do with the deaths? He’s given her some strange vibes. Or what about his brooding cousin, Axel? But he’s in her classes at school. He’s not a murderer... is he? Izzie’s soon on a path that will lead her right to the killer... and her own worst nightmare.
Publisher: Delacorte Press (March 1, 2022)  Pages: 368 pages  ISBN-10: 0593125010  ISBN-13:‎ 978-0593125014  ASIN:‎ B097Z9V3H3

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Natasha Preston is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Cellar, The Cabin, Awake, You Will Be MineThe LostThe Twin, and her latest, The Lake. A UK native, she discovered her love of writing when she shared a story online–and hasn’t looked back. She enjoys writing romance, thrillers, gritty YA, and the occasional serial killer.