Book ‘The Fixer Upper’ by Lauren Forsythe

PDF Excerpt 'The Fixer Upper' by Lauren Forsythe

In this funny and sharp romantic comedy, a woman with a knack for turning her boyfriends’ lives around starts a professional service to help wrangle men, only to be unexpectedly matched with an old flame. Ever since she can remember, Aly has been fixing everything around her: her parents’ marriage, her colleagues’ work problems, and her friends’ love lives are just a few examples. After a chance meeting with an ex who has gone from living in his parents’ basement to being a married project manager in three years, she realizes she’s been fixing her boyfriends, too… So, Aly decides to put her talents to good use and, alongside two work friends, sets up the Fixer Upper, an exclusive, underground service for women who are tired of unpaid emotional labor. Using little tricks and tips…

Publisher: G.P. Putnam’s Sons (August 2, 2022); Pages: 304 pages; ISBN-10: 0593422511; ISBN-13: 978-0593422519; ASIN:‎ B09HK2YFTP

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Author’s biography: By day, Lauren Forsythe is a content marketing manager, finding ways to get writing into people’s eagerly waiting eye-holes, and by night… well it’s the same thing, but with more wine. Lauren writes books about strong women, men with pretty eyelashes and friends that save your life. When she’s not writing, you can find her blogging about relationships, ranting about the patriarchy and ending her boxing workouts with a celebratory mini-roll or three. She firmly believes you can find confidence in the perfect bold lipstick and that all her problems would be solved if every dress had pockets. Lauren lives in Hertfordshire with her husband, her newborn son and a rescue cat that gets more pampered by the day.