Book ‘The Galveston Diet’ by Mary Claire Haver MD

PDF Excerpt 'The Galveston Diet' by Mary Claire Haver MD
The Doctor-Developed, Patient-Proven Plan to Burn Fat and Tame Your Hormonal Symptoms

A patient-proven eating and lifestyle program to balance nutrition and sustain weight loss including more than 40 delicious recipes and 6 weeks of meal plans tailored to women in midlife. “I haven’t changed my diet or exercise habits and yet the scale keeps moving in the wrong direction. What’s going on?!” Time and again, this is the question Dr. Mary Claire Haver’s patients asked. At first, a practicing OB/GYN, she’d dutifully advise what she’d been taught in medical school: eat less and work out more. But that standard advice didn’t solve the problem because back then she — and so many other doctors — hadn’t taken into account the physiological factors affecting women. They tend to store fat, they can have a hard time accessing that stored fat as active fuel, and their hormonal fluctuations in midlife exacerbate the situation…

Publisher: Rodale Books (January 10, 2023); Pages: 288 pages; ISBN-10: 0593578899; ISBN-13: 978-0593578896; ASIN:‎ B09XM5R88J

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Author’s biography: Mary Claire Haver, MD, is a board-certified OB/GYN and a Certified Culinary Medicine Specialist. She developed her groundbreaking weight loss protocol as an online subscriber program, through which she has helped nearly 75,000 women lose weight, burn fat, and get in shape permanently. Dr. Haver lives with her husband and two daughters in Galveston, Texas.

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