Book ‘The House of Little Sisters’ by Eva Wong Nava

PDF Excerpt 'The House of Little Sisters' by Eva Wong Nava
A supernatural exposé of a past system that still has a tight grip on contemporary Singapore and Malaysia. It's August of 1931 in Singapore, sixteen-year-old Lim Mei Mei (Ah Mei) arrives at the home of Eminent Mister Lee on the eve of the Hungry Ghost Month. She has been sold to the family as a mui tsai, an indentured servant girl. At the Lee household, Lim Mei Mei's life education begins. There she encounters the spirit of Ah Lian, a mui tsai, who paid the ultimate price for her mistake. Through Ah Lian, Ah Mei discovers the plight of mui tsai, who are both helpless and powerful, and uncovers a shameful secret lurking in the shadows in the Lee house. Ah Mei also meets and falls in love with Hassan Mohamed...
Publisher: Penguin Books (February 22, 2022)  Pages: ‎240 pages  ISBN-10: 9814882275  ISBN-13: 978-981488227

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