Book ‘The Metaverse’ by Matthew Ball

PDF Excerpt 'The Metaverse' by Matthew Ball
And How it Will Revolutionize Everything
Tim Sweeney (CEO of Fortnite-maker Epic Games): “Matthew Ball’s essays have defined, analyzed, and inspired the Metaverse for years. His book is an approachable and essential guide to the strategic, technical, and philosophical foundations of this new medium.” “This book feels like a rare achievement ― a definitive statement about an emerging phenomenon that could shape the digital world, the global economy, and the very experience of human consciousness.” ― Derek Thompson, Atlantic staff writer and national best-selling author of Hit Makers From the leading theorist of the Metaverse comes the definitive account of the next internet: what the Metaverse is, what it will take to build it, and what it means for all of us...
Publisher: Liveright (July 19, 2022)  Pages: 352 pages  ISBN-10: 1324092033  ISBN-13: 978-1324092032  ASIN:‎ B09KMWYHX8

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Author’s biography: Matthew Ball is the CEO of Epyllion and the former global head of strategy for Amazon Studios. He has written for the New York Times, the Economist, and Bloomberg. His self-published essays on the Metaverse have been read millions of times and cited by leaders at Epic Games, Facebook, Tencent, and Coinbase. Ball divides his time between Toronto, New York City, and Miami. 

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