Book ‘The Price of Time’ by Edward Chancellor

PDF 'The Price of Time' by Edward Chancellor
The Real Story of Interest
A comprehensive and profoundly relevant history of interest from one of the world’s leading financial writers, The Price of Time explains our current global financial position and how we got here. In the beginning was the loan, and the loan carried interest. For at least five millennia people have been borrowing and lending at interest. The practice wasn’t always popular—in the ancient world, usury was generally viewed as exploitative, a potential path to debt bondage and slavery. Yet as capitalism became established from the late Middle Ages onwards, denunciations of interest were tempered because interest was a necessary reward for lenders to part with their capital. And interest performs many other vital functions: it encourages people to save...
Publisher: Atlantic Monthly Press (August 16, 2022)  Pages: 416 pages  ISBN-10: 0802160069  ISBN-13: 978-0802160065  ASIN:‎ B09NS1CZ7W

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Author’s biography: EDWARD CHANCELLOR is the author of Devil Take the Hindmost: A History of Financial Speculation, a New York Times “Notable Book of the Year” and the specialist report Crunch-Time for Credit?, a prescient analysis of the credit boom in the US and UK. Chancellor has also edited two investment books, Capital Account and Capital Returns. An award-winning financial journalist, Chancellor is currently a columnist for Reuters Breakingviews, and has contributed to many other publications, including the Wall Street JournalMoneyWeekNew York Review of Books, and Financial Times.