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PDF Excerpt 'The Rational Male' by Rollo Tomassi
The Players Handbook: A Red Pill Guide to Game
The Rational Male – The Players Handbook • A Definitive Guide to Game In this final master-work of The Rational Male Series, Rollo Tomassi breaks down the fundamental mechanics of Game, intersexual social skills, and the nuts & bolts psychology that makes it work. The Players Handbook is not a "how-to" book, it's a "why-it-works" book. It’s not an instruction manual – it is the missing textbook on Game and understanding intersexual dynamics. Game is an adaptive set of social skills and best practices in navigating intersexual dynamics in a modern sexual marketplace. While the rapid conditions of that marketplace are in constant change, the human-machine does not. We need a modern Game textbook based on empirical...
Publisher: Independently published (April 20, 2022)  Pages: 500 pages  ISBN-13: 979-8804057368  ASIN:‎ B09YHK8KR4

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Sometimes called the “Godfather of the Red Pill”, Rollo Tomassi has been a permanent fixture in the ‘Manosphere’ for 20 years. With a focus on evolutionary psychology and objectivism, Rollo brings a pragmatic, nuts & bolts, approach to intersexual dynamics, men and women’s innate natures and their effects on today’s society. He is the author of the internationally best selling book series, The Rational Male. Published in 2013, the series’ first book, The Rational Male, has become the ‘Bible of the Red Pill’, positively impacting and saving men’s lives worldwide. Since 2011 Rollo has been the essayist/blogger/owner of The Rational Male blog. He is the host of his own YouTube channel, The Rational Male and a rotating host/panelist of Rule Zero, a weekly men’s issues show. Rollo is a frequent guest on the Fresh & Fit Podcast as well as the Rich Dad Podcast with Robert Kiyosaki. Rollo lives with his wife of 25 years in Reno, Nevada, along with two (or more) greyhounds.

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