Book ‘The Restart Roadmap’ by Jason Tartick

PDF Excerpt 'The Restart Roadmap' by Jason Tartick
Rewire and Reset Your Career
Take control of your happiness and fulfillment with a monumental restart in your career. Jason Tartick, a motivational business speaker, coach and host of “Trading Secrets” podcast shares clear action steps to define and achieve your vision of financial, professional, and emotional success. Most of us are pushed to decide the rest of our lives in our early 20s, and many of us realize too late that we made the wrong choice for the wrong reasons. Except, it’s never truly too late to redefine yourself and your priorities. If you feel like you’ve been traveling full steam ahead in the wrong direction, don’t worry you’re not alone, and you’re not doomed to a life of misery. If you’re feeling lost in your pursuit...
Publisher: HarperCollins Leadership (April 5, 2022)  Pages: ‎208 pages  ISBN-10: 1400226864  ISBN-13: 978-1400226863  ASIN:‎ B09831KCPG

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Jason Tartick is the host of a top charting business podcast, “Trading Secrets”. He is the founder of Restart, a career management and personal financial consulting company. His Restart All Access group has created international networking opportunities for those focused on career navigation and small business startups. In addition he is an investor in a financial trading app and a social media talent agency. He has utilized his professional platform to speak on a wide array of subjects at universities and corporate associations.

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