Book ‘The Resurrected Jesus’ by David Limbaugh & Christen Limbaugh Bloom

PDF Excerpt 'The Resurrected Jesus' by David Limbaugh & Christen Limbaugh Bloom
The Church in the New Testament

#1 nationally best-selling author of Jesus is Risen and Jesus on Trial returns with his coauthor and daughter for the final installment in his hugely popular Jesus series, challenging the modern church to reexamine the compelling testimony of early Christians. Limbaugh, a believing lawyer and brother of the late great Rush Limbaugh, and Christen Limbaugh Bloom engage history and logic to develop deeper understanding and stronger faith in the divinity of Christ, the resurrection, and the life everlasting Jesus promises. The Resurrected, Conquering Jesus. In the fifth and final installment of his bestselling Jesus series, David Limbaugh digs into the New Testament epistles with passion and imagination, showing that the testimony of Jesus’ earliest followers provides irrefutable proof of His resurrection…

Publisher: Regnery Publishing (September 6, 2022); Pages: 256 pages; ISBN-10: 1621579891; ISBN-13: 978-1621579892; ASIN:‎ B08LW5CTRN

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Author’s biography: David Limbaugh is a lawyer, nationally syndicated columnist, political commentator, and the author of ten bestsellers, including Jesus on TrialThe Emmaus CodeThe True Jesus, and Jesus is Risen. The brother of radio host Rush Limbaugh, he lives in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, with his wife and children. Follow him on Twitter: @DavidLimbaugh.

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