Book ‘The Science and Technology of Growing Young’ by Sergey Young

An Insider’s Guide to the Breakthroughs that Will Dramatically Extend Our Lifespan
The prospect of living to 200 years old isn’t science fiction anymore. A leader in the emerging field of longevity offers his perspective on what cutting-edge breakthroughs are on the horizon, as well as the practical steps we can take now to live healthily to 100 and beyond. In The Science and Technology of Growing Young, industry investor and insider Sergey Young demystifies the longevity landscape, cutting through the hype and showing readers what they can do now to live better for longer, and offering a look into the exciting possibilities that await us. By viewing aging as a condition that can be cured, we can dramatically revolutionize the field of longevity and make it accessible for everyone...
Publisher: BenBella Books (August 24, 2021)  Hardcover: ‎272 pages  ISBN-13: 978-1950665877  Dimensions:‎ 6.25 x 0.92 x 9.38 inches

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