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PDF Excerpt 'The Tree' by Colin Tudge
A Natural History of What Trees Are, How They Live, and Why They Matter
There are redwoods in California that were ancient by the time Columbus first landed, and pines still alive that germinated around the time humans invented writing. There are Douglas firs as tall as skyscrapers, and a banyan tree in Calcutta as big as a football field. From the tallest to the smallest, trees inspire wonder in all of us, and in The Tree, Colin Tudge travels around the world — throughout the United States, the Costa Rican rain forest, Panama and Brazil, India, New Zealand, China, and most of Europe — bringing to life stories and facts about the trees around us: how they grow old, how they eat and reproduce, how they talk to one another (and they do), and why they came to exist in the first place...
Publisher: Crown; First Edition - First Printing (October 3, 2006)  Pages: 480 pages  ISBN-10: 1400050367  ISBN-13: 978-1400050369  ASIN:‎ B000JMKVGM

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About the Author:  Colin Tudge is a biologist by education and a writer by trade. He was born in London in 1943; educated at Dulwich College, 1954-61; and read zoology at Peterhouse, Cambridge, 1962-65. Colin has written a great many articles for a great many publications and for a time was on the staff of Farmers Weekly, then New Scientist, then BBC Radio 3. But mainly he writes books on natural history, evolution, food and farming, and, lately, on the philosophy of science and metaphysics. He also enjoys public speaking.

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