Book ‘The UnCommunist Manifesto’ by Mark Moss & Aleksandar Svetski

PDF Excerpt 'The UnCommunist Manifesto' by Mark Moss & Aleksandar Svetski
A Message of Hope, Responsibility and Liberty for All

Humanity is at a crossroads. Never have we had so much potential to do good in the world or literally transform our civilization into transnational gulags. Almost 175 Years have passed since the Communist Manifesto was written and circulated by Marx and Engels. Some statistics point to it being one of the most widely read and distributed works of political science and economics. However, the core ideology has led to hundreds of millions of murders worldwide at the hands of those who fervently ‘believed’ and ‘reformed’ society by its decrees. It’s about time something was written to help challenge and potentially unwind some of the moral, intellectual, social, and economic damage done since. Why is it that an idea with a consistent failure rate draws more young people to it than ever before?…

Publisher: UnCommunist Publications (August 1, 2022); Pages: 85 pages; ISBN-10: 0578396300; ISBN-13: 978-0578396309; ASIN:‎ B0B837FN63

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Author’s biography: Mark Moss is a Historian, Speaker, Educator, Sound Money Advocate, and Privacy Activist. His voice can be heard as the host of one of the fastest growing finance channels on YouTube and the first nationally syndicated radio shows on the iHeart Radio network focused on Bitcoin topics. Mark has become a strong voice for global digital privacy rights and cryptocurrency adoption by mainstream consumers. His long lens of history makes complex subjects such as Politics, Finance, and Technology easy to understand and actionable while giving the context of what is happening today. Aleksandar Svetski is a scholarship-receiving university dropout, turned writer and entrepreneur, with a focus on technology, economics, history and bitcoin. An avid writer in private since a younger age, he wrote his first public blog post on Medium in 2016. Since then he’s built up a following across multiple mediums, alongside launching one of the world’s most respected Bitcoin Publications; “The Bitcoin Times”, and Australia’s #1 Bitcoin investment App; Amber. Today, Aleks spends the bulk of his time researching the ways in which Bitcoin will impact the world sociologically, economically, politically and culturally – and transforming that into content that can be consumed via his Podcast, essays, articles and the series of Books you can find here on Amazon. You can find direct links to Aleksandar’s work at www.svet.s

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