Book ‘The Wisdom Wheel’ by Alberto Villoldo

PDF Excerpt 'The Wisdom Wheel' by Alberto Villoldo
A Mythic Journey through the Four Directions
Access the gifts of transformation, heal the self, and live in harmony with one another and with the Earth by journeying through the wisdom wheel--a fresh take on the traditional medicine wheel--its archetypes, and its four wisdom challenges. The teachings of the medicine wheel have existed from the beginning of time. Today, however, we are creating modern paradigms of shamanism while drawing on the sacred traditions of the past. In this book, shamanic practitioner Alberto Villoldo explains that the medicine wheel is also a wisdom wheel: an advanced tool for working toward personal and planetary transformation. By journeying through the wisdom wheel and its four directions--South, West, North....
Publisher: Hay House Inc. (April 5, 2022)  Pages: 216 pages  ISBN-10: 1401962807  ISBN-13: 978-1401962807  ASIN:‎ B09B1MY9ZD

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Alberto Villoldo has trained as a psychologist and medical anthropologist, and has studied the healing practices of the Amazon and the Andean shamans. Dr. Villoldo directs the Four Winds Society, where he trains individuals in the U.S. and Europe in the practice of shamanic energy medicine. He is the founder of the Light Body School, which has campuses in New York, California, Miami, and Germany. Dr. Villoldo has written numerous best-selling books, including Shaman, Healer, SageGrow a New Body; and Power Up Your Brain.

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