Book ‘The Yoga Manifesto’ by Nadia Gilani

PDF Excerpt 'The Yoga Manifesto' by Nadia Gilani
How Yoga Helped Me and Why it Needs to Save Itself
'Raw. Vulnerable. Open. Truthful... This is a book that will open up the floor for even more honest conversations about the side of yoga we don't often see.' - Angie Tiwari @tiwariyoga. How did an ancient spiritual practice become the preserve of the privileged? Nadia Gilani has been practising yoga for twenty-five years. She has also worked as a yoga teacher. Yoga has saved her life and seen her through many highs and lows; it has been a faith, a discipline, and a friend, and she believes wholeheartedly in its radical potential. However, over her years in the wellness industry, Nadia has noticed not only yoga's rising popularity, but also how its modern incarnation no longer serves people of colour, working class people...
Publisher: Bluebird (May 26, 2022)  Pages: 322 pages  ISBN-13: 978-1529065121  ASIN:‎ B09L891L9S

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About the author: Former news journalist turned author, Nadia Gilani has been writing professionally for a long time. After starting life out as a blogger and music reviewer, she trained as a hard news journalist and landed her first reporting job in north London in 2006. Armed with a nose for a good story paired with a thrill for being in places she shouldn’t be, Nadia went on to work as a crime reporter on a busy patch in south London. It was there she discovered a passion for campaigning and telling the stories of unsung heroes as well as those whose voices are too often silenced. She later moved onto national titles both in print and online. Her writing has appeared in: Metro, MailOnline, The Independent, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, HuffPost, Tank, Dazed and Confused and more. Having covered several elections and written dozens of front pages, Nadia left news desks and worked as a communications manager at a number of charities and organisations for several years.