Book ‘Two Wheels Good’ by Jody Rosen

PDF Excerpt 'Two Wheels Good' by Jody Rosen
The History and Mystery of the Bicycle
A panoramic revisionist portrait of the nineteenth-century invention that is transforming the twenty-first-century world. “The real feat of this book is that it takes us on a ride — across the centuries and around the globe, through startling history and vivid first-person reporting.” — Patrick Radden Keefe. The bicycle is a vestige of the Victorian era, seemingly at odds with our age of smartphones and ride-sharing apps and driverless cars. Yet we live on a bicycle planet. Across the world, more people travel by bicycle than any other form of transportation. Almost anyone can learn to ride a bike — and nearly everyone does. In Two Wheels Good, journalist and critic Jody Rosen reshapes our understanding...
Publisher: Crown (May 24, 2022)  Pages: 416 pages  ISBN-10: 0804141495  ISBN-13: 978-0804141499  ASIN:‎ B09F8TMPS1

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About the author: Jody Rosen is a contributing writer for The New York Times Magazine. His work has appeared in Slate, New York, The New Yorker, and many other publications. He lives in Brooklyn with his family.