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PDF Excerpt 'Undistracted' by Bob Goff
Capture Your Purpose. Rediscover Your Joy

The world has never been more distracting — joy has never been more possible. You live with a massive amount of distraction: – desperate headlines; – smartphone scrolling; an endless to-do list. Not to mention the nagging questions of your heart: – Am I making the right decision?; – Am I with the right person?; – Will my past mistakes keep me from my best future?. Through the pithy and inspiring storytelling that has endeared him to millions, New York Times bestselling author Bob Goff invites you to laugh with more gusto, dream with more confidence, and love with more intention in this disarming call to live Undistracted. Bob’s stories are like the rumble strips on the road that make you suddenly alert to how far you have drifted from your lane. From visiting friends in San Quentin to accidentally getting into a stalker’s car at the airport to establishing Uganda’s first space program…

Publisher: Thomas Nelson (March 1, 2022); Pages: ‎256 pages; ISBN-10: 140022697X; ISBN-13: 978-1400226979; ASIN:‎ B098318Y2Q

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Author’s biography: Bob Goff is the author of the New York Times bestselling Love DoesEverybody, AlwaysDream Big; and Undistracted as well as the bestselling Love Does for Kids. He’s a lover of balloons, cake pops, and helping people pursue their big dreams. Bob’s greatest ambitions in life are to love others, do stuff, and most importantly, to hold hands with his wife, Sweet Maria, and spend time with their amazing family. For more, check out and

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