Book ‘Vacationland’ by Meg Mitchell Moore

PDF Excerpt 'Vacationland' by Meg Mitchell Moore
"As sophisticated and delicious as lobster bisque." -- Amanda Eyre Ward. Louisa has come to her parents’ house in Maine this summer with all three of her kids, a barely-written book, and a trunkful of resentment. Left behind in Brooklyn is her husband, who has promised that after this final round of fundraising at his startup he will once again pick up his share of the household responsibilities. Louisa is hoping that the crisp breeze off Penobscot Bay will blow away the irritation she is feeling with her life choices and replace it with enthusiasm for both her family and her work. But all isn’t well in Maine. Louisa’s father, a retired judge and pillar of the community, is suffering from Alzheimer’s. Louisa’s mother is alternately...
Publisher: William Morrow (June 14, 2022)  Pages: 379 pages  ISBN-10: 0063026112  ISBN-13: 978-0063026117  ASIN:‎ B09G6RG9S9

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About the author: Meg Mitchell Moore worked for several years as a journalist for a variety of publications before turning to fiction. She lives in the beautiful coastal town of Newburyport, Mass., with her husband and their three daughters. Vacationland is her seventh novel.