Book ‘Very Intentional Parenting’ by Destini Ann Davis

PDF Excerpt 'Very Intentional Parenting' by Destini Ann Davis
Awakening the Empowered Parent Within
A different kind of parenting book that helps parents improve themselves first, so they can then be better parents to their kids. It's time for a fresh approach to parenting! Too many parenting books are heavy on the clinical advice, but way too light on practical stategies and everyday inspiration. Isn't it time for a parenting book that is both practical and inspirational? Destini Ann Davis is a working mom who has read dozens of parenting books and made all the typical parenting mistakes before realizing that in order to have a peaceful, positive relationship with her kids, she first needed to have a peaceful, positive relationship with herself. Not Your Parents' Parenting Book features a fresh, down-to-earth approach from someone you can relate to...
Publisher: Alpha (August 30, 2022)  Pages: 272 pages  ISBN-10: 074405706X  ISBN-13: 978-0744057065  ASIN:‎ B0B59ZVTWM

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Author’s biography: Destini Ann Davis isn’t a parenting expert, she’s a working mom who has learned it all simply by doing and listening, and reading every book along the way. She advocates for peaceful parenting and positive discipline techniques that encourage both the parent and child to connect and communicate. Her positive energy and upbeat approach to parenting has resulted in her TikTok channel growing to over 900K followers in just a few short months. Her approach to parenting isn’t clinical; it’s real life and focused on helping her followers become more peaceful and positive people so they can raise more peaceful and positive kids. 

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