Book ‘Where Is My Flying Car?’ by J. Storrs Hall

PDF Excerpt 'Where Is My Flying Car?' by J. Storrs Hall
From an engineer and futurist, an impassioned account of technological stagnation since the 1970s and an imaginative blueprint for a richer, more abundant future The science fiction of the 1960s promised us a future remade by technological innovation: we’d vacation in geodesic domes on Mars, have meaningful conversations with computers, and drop our children off at school in flying cars. Fast-forward 60 years, and we’re still stuck in traffic in gas-guzzling sedans and boarding the same types of planes we flew in over half a century ago. What happened to the future we were promised? In Where Is My Flying Car?, J. Storrs Hall sets out to answer this deceptively simple question...
Language: English  Publisher: Stripe Press; First print edition (November 30, 2021)  Pages: 332 pages  ISBN-13: 978-1953953186

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