Book ‘Who Can Hold the Sea’ by James D. Hornfischer

PDF Excerpt 'Who Can Hold the Sea' by James D. Hornfischer
“James D. Hornfischer, the dean of American naval historians, has written a book of dizzying sweep and uncommon ambition.” — Hampton Sides, author of Ghost Soldiers. This landmark account of the U.S. Navy in the Cold War, Who Can Hold theSea combines narrative history with scenes of stirring adventure on — and under — the high seas. In 1945, at the end of World War II, the victorious Navy sends its sailors home and decommissions most of its warships. But this peaceful interlude is short-lived, as Stalin, America’s former ally, makes aggressive moves in Europe and the Far East. Winston Churchill crystallizes the growing Communist threat by declaring the existence of “the Iron Curtain,” and the Truman Doctrine is set up to contain Communism...
Publisher: Bantam (May 3, 2022)  Pages: 480 pages  ISBN-10: 0399178643  ISBN-13: 978-0399178641  ASIN:‎ B09BTPF1PN

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About the author: James D. Hornfischer was a writer, literary agent, and book editor. He was the New York Times bestselling author of Neptune’s Inferno, The Last Stand of the Tin Can Soldiers, Ship of Ghosts, and The Fleet at Flood Tide, all widely acclaimed accounts of the U.S. Navy in the Pacific during World War II. His books have received numerous awards, including the Samuel Eliot Morison Award for Naval Literature and the Naval Historical Foundation Distinguished Service Award. James D. Hornfischer died in 2021.