Book ‘Who Killed Jane Stanford?’ by Richard White

PDF Excerpt 'Who Killed Jane Stanford?' by Richard White
A Gilded Age Tale of Murder, Deceit, Spirits and the Birth of a University
A premier historian penetrates the fog of corruption and cover-up still surrounding the murder of a Stanford University founder to establish who did it, how, and why. In 1885 Jane and Leland Stanford cofounded a university to honor their recently deceased young son. After her husband’s death in 1893, Jane Stanford, a devoted spiritualist who expected the university to inculcate her values, steered Stanford into eccentricity and public controversy for more than a decade. In 1905 she was murdered in Hawaii, a victim, according to the Honolulu coroner’s jury, of strychnine poisoning. With her vast fortune the university’s lifeline, the Stanford president and his allies quickly sought to foreclose challenges...
Publisher:‎ W. W. Norton & Company (May 17, 2022)  Pages: 384 pages  ISBN-10: 1324004339  ISBN-13: 978-1324004332  ASIN:‎ B0B2F6WFTC

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About the author: Richard White is the author of many acclaimed histories, including the groundbreaking study of the transcontinentals, Railroaded, winner of the Los Angeles Times Book Prize, the Francis Parkman Prize, and a Pulitzer Prize finalist. He is Margaret Byrne Professor of American History, Emeritus, at Stanford University, and lives near Palo Alto, California.