Book ‘Who You Might Be’ by Leigh N. Gallagher

PDF Excerpt 'Who You Might Be' by Leigh N. Gallagher
A fiercely original debut from Leigh N. Gallagher, Who You Might Be takes readers from 1990s Southern California to a UFOlogist holdout in Nevada, the graffiti playground of Detroit, and a self-important New York art scene in an unflinching examination of how life’s most unexpected turns ― and the people we meet along the way ― shape who we become. It’s the late nineties ― the dawn of the internet―and Judy and Meghan have lied to their mothers and run away for the weekend, to see a girl they’ve met in a chat room. Meanwhile, twelve-year-old Cassie, desperately clinging to childhood hopes, travels deep into the Nevada desert to reunite with her real mother at a strange and isolated compound. And, across the country, Caleb...
Publisher: Henry Holt and Co. (June 21, 2022)  Pages: 352 pages  ISBN-10: 1250817846  ISBN-13: 978-1250817846  ASIN:‎ B09C4H26DM

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About the author: Leigh N. Gallagher’s work has been published in American Short Fiction, Beloit Fiction Journal, Salt Hill, and the Reading Room anthology, and in non-traditional formats through collaborations with artists and musicians. She holds an MFA from the University of Michigan, and her writing has received support from many organizations, including the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation of New Mexico, the Vermont Studio Center, and Marble House Project. Originally from California, she lives in Philadelphia. Who You Might Be is her first novel.