Book ‘You Are More Than You Think You Are’ by Kimberly Snyder

PDF Excerpt 'You Are More Than You Think You Are' by Kimberly Snyder
Practical Enlightenment for Everyday Life
Blast through all the baggage in your life with this guide to everyday enlightenment from New York Times best-selling author Kimberly Snyder. Many of us think that we just aren’t enough. Not good enough, not pretty enough, not rich enough, and not happy enough. But just because we think something doesn’t mean it’s true. YOU ARE MORE THAN YOU THINK YOU ARE teaches you how to revise your belief system, fulfill your deepest dreams and desires, and create an epic, successful, and inspiring life. Unlocking your True Self is the key to new levels of joy, beauty, and peace. But what is the True Self, and how can you realize its infinite potential? In this easy-to-read book...
Publisher: Hay House Inc. (January 25, 2022)  Pages: 280 pages  ISBN-10: 1401963110  ISBN-13: 978-1401963118  ASIN:‎ B093G9K5MK

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