Book ‘You Are Not Broken’ by KJ Casperson MD

PDF Excerpt 'You Are Not Broken' by KJ Casperson MD
Stop “Should-ing” All Over Your Sex Life
Is your sex life amazing??? Probably not, if you’re like most women. In fact, “amazing” isn’t even close to how you’ve ever experienced sex — but it isn’t your fault. You can thank Hollywood’s portrayals and society’s silence for your crappy sex life. Rarely do we learn what truly makes sex great for women, why understanding anatomy matters, or how our pleasure is not just important but vital. In You Are Not Broken, Dr. Kelly Casperson offers a unique perspective as a urologist, coach, and fellow woman wondering, when it comes to sex, “Is this all there is?” Dr. Kelly explores how to adjust your mindset and provides an in-depth look at what makes women physiologically unique. Better sex creates a better relationship between you and your partner...
Publisher: YANB Media (June 22, 2022)  Pages: 206 pages  ISBN-10: 154452434X  ISBN-13: 978-1544524344  ASIN:‎ B0B4DV6J5B

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Author’s biography: Dr. Kelly Casperson is a urologist, wife, mom, sex educator, and top international podcaster whose mission is empowering women to live their best love lives. Kelly identified the need for better resources and developed a sex education class for women that covers topics like sexual health, intimacy, mind work, and the science of desire. She combines education, humor, and candor in her podcast, You Are Not Broken, where she dismantles the myths women have learned and normalizes healthy, enjoyable sex worth desiring. For more information, follow Dr. Kelly on Instagram (@kellycaspersonmd), or visit