Book ‘You Can’t Fall Off The Floor’ by Jamie Prickett

PDF Excerpt 'You Can't Fall Off The Floor' by Jamie Prickett
The Rags-To-Riches Story of a Team Disrupting the Entire Insurance Industry
THE BIG QUESTION ABOUT THIS BOOK IS... IS THIS A SMART INVESTMENT? It All Depends Whether... You are an ambitious entrepreneur or intrapreneur looking for a real way to grow your business, develop teams, and scale your personal wealth! You have been struggling in your business or startup. You have dedicated years or even decades to your insurance or financial advising practice, with the only growth being your impatience as your bank account is stuck on some unextraordinary number. You are ready to elevate your life's work past the transactional, one-on-one client work and into leadership of huge organizations that can add a few zeros to your net worth fast! You want to see behind-the-scenes how...
Publisher: Pierucci Publishing (March 1, 2022)  Pages: ‎210 pages  ISBN-10: 1956257403  ISBN-13: 978-1956257403  ASIN:‎ B09S8HDNTL

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Jamie Prickett is a former freestyle wrestler turned financial advisor who spent ten years struggling to put gas in his car. But the problem wasn’t just Jamie, it had a lot to do with the organization he worked with from the age of twenty-one to thirty-one. Two years after leaving that company, and now, over the past eight years, Jamie and his wife Lee-Ann “turned over the tables” of the entire insurance and financial services industry. Jamie and Lee-Ann have four children, Haylee, age twenty-one, Addison, age twenty, Hayden, age nineteen, and Takiyah, age ten. He loves God and is grateful that He is using him and his wife to create peace, purpose, and prosperity for seventeen hundred entrepreneur business owners (and growing everyday) they’ve created all across North America. Jamie and his family live in Guelph, Ontario.

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