Book ‘Your Baby’s Ugly’ by Justin A. Goodbread

PDF Excerpt 'Your Baby's Ugly' by Justin A. Goodbread
Maximize the value of your business or You’ll Have Nothing to Sell
Are you creating a business that’s attractive to others—or is it a business only a parent could love? If your business isn’t attractive, you’ll struggle to rise up as a marketplace leader and catch the eyes of financial investors when you need it—or sell your business for profit in the future. You might find yourself heavily involved in every detail, but pouring endless time and energy into your business might not improve its value,—or have an effect on your personal net worth. In Your Baby’s Ugly, Justin Goodbread offers secrets to nurture your company effectively for better transferability, more longevity, and a bigger appraisal price when you’re ready to sell...
Publisher: In the Black Publishing (July 20, 2021)  Pages: ‎249 pages  ISBN-10: 1732059934  ISBN-13: 978-1732059931  ASIN:‎ B097QD9S4C

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