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“A perfect gut punch of a novel… Full of love and real friendship and frustrations boiled over and the urge to burn everything down… [The] writing is laser-focused and hilarious and full of aching need. This is a hard-hitting masterpiece. — Kristen Arnett, author of With Teeth and Mostly Dead Things. Damani is tired. Her father just died on the job at a fast-food joint, and now she lives paycheck to paycheck in a basement, caring for her mom and driving for an app that is constantly cutting her take. The city is roiling in protests–everybody’s in solidarity with somebody–but while she keeps hearing that they’re fighting for change on behalf of people like her, she literally can’t afford to pay attention. Then she gives a ride to Jolene (five stars, obviously). Jolene seems like she could be the perfect girlfriend–attentive, attractive, an ally–and their chemistry is off the charts. Jolene’s done the reading, she goes to every protest…

Publisher: Doubleday (February 28, 2023); Pages: 320 pages; ISBN-10: 038554930X; ISBN-13: 978-0385549301; ASIN:‎ B09LBP5DTZ

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Author’s biography: PRIYA GUNS is an actor and writer previously published in short story anthologies, gal-demSpring magazine, and anonymously in the Guardian. She is a Creative Writing graduate from Kingston University. Your Driver Is Waiting is her debut novel.

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