Book ‘Built Through Courage’ by Dave Hollis

Read excerpt from 'Built Through Courage: Face Your Fears to Live the Life You Were Meant For' by Dave Hollis
Face Your Fears to Live the Life You Were Meant For
New York Times bestselling author Dave Hollis knows what it feels like to realize you’ve been sailing off of someone else’s map. He has taken control of his life and future, and he’s ready to share the lessons he learned along the way with readers who are facing similar struggles. Dave Hollis was recently confronted with the fact that he was living the life someone else wanted for him. After weathering a highly publicized personal crisis amid the backdrop of an international pandemic and navigating the enjoyable but unpredictable waters of being a single father to four kids, he has been forced to become the captain of his own life and is ready to teach others how to do the same...
Publisher: ‎HarperCollins Leadership (October 26, 2021)  Language: ‎English  Hardcover: ‎256 pages  ISBN-10: ‎1400230667  ISBN-13: ‎978-1400230662  Dimensions: ‎5.98 x 9.02 inches

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